Embracing 2020

23 January 2020

I’m not hugely into New Years resolutions to be honest, but I do feel somewhat inspired this year.

My business partner William and I are finishing up ‘A Guide to Floral Mechanics’ (where this artwork is from – William has been painstakingly drawing each and every step for the book for over a year now!) after the huge success with our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign we will be sending it to so many places around the globe that I can hardly believe it. I am completely astounded that news of our book travelled as far as it has and am thrilled to bits that so many florists, floristry students and flower lovers are interested in the sustainability of the floral mechanics that we’re using.  It feels a lot like we’re all becoming more aware of the impact we’re having on this precious planet of ours and trying to take steps to reduce our environmental impact and tread more lightly.

I was delighted to accept an invitation from Rita Feldman of  #nofloralfoam on Instagram to become a British ambassador for the Global industry initiative Sustainable Floristry Network.  Our collective hope is to see significant change take place in the industry, from teaching institutions through the commercial world, with the adoption of more environmentally sustainable techniques and practices.

We’ve been working hard at Floribunda Rose Floral Design Studio to make sure that whatever the weather does it’s cosy and comfortable. We’ve put in a new log burning stove which means that we can run floristry workshops and flower weddings from this space right through the year.  I found a fantastic local supplier of carbon neutral logs just a few minutes from the studio and we’re all stocked up.  There *might* have been toasted marshmallows to celebrate getting it up and running…

I’ve just added all of this years workshop dates – for florists wanting to add more sustainable methods, for aspiring florists starting a lifetime of floral creation (including our Elevate & Thrive course for those wanting to refresh their floristry business or start a floristry business with knowledge and confidence and courses for flower lovers who simply want to embrace nature and celebrate the beauty of seasonal flowers. The promise of armfuls of flowers and meeting creative souls is enough to get me through grey winters days, bracing winds and driving rain.

Another highlight of mid Winter is putting together proposals for lovely couples who have booked for this year and next, putting together ideas for Spring, Summer, Winter and Autumn weddings, each reflecting the people, their venue, the season and their colour palettes. There’s something deeply satisfying about finding just the right flowers, foliages and the vessels which allow them to shine.

Here’s to finding silver linings on cold grey days, making a difference, and doing what you love.