Natural floral design made using flowers and foliage grown in Britain.


Floribunda Rose was founded in 2014 by Sarah Diligent who early on decided
that environmental responsibility was to underpin everything in her business.


Today, the same remains true. In the Hampshire studio we continue to use and develop methods which seek to keep the environmental impact of our work to a minimum.

In 2019, William Mazuch joined the company, bringing with him design & development experience. Soon after, a discussion between Sarah and William
led to what became the book “A Guide to Floral Mechanics” – we wanted to share the sustainable floristry methods we use at the Studio in an effort to
reduce the surprisingly prevalent use of single-use plastics in the floristry industry.

You can read about and buy the book on our sister website,


At Floribunda Rose

We create florals for wedding and events alongside teaching
sustainable floristry methods to florists and those interested in the craft.


We work closely with a number of growers and suppliers to find exceptional British seasonal flowers and foliage, and have arranged foraging on a few local lands where we find often unexpected, beautiful natural elements which are often a part of our work.



Sustainability & Ethos

Never to the detriment of quality.


At the studio, we are constantly refining
and developing techniques
to create floral designs in sustainable ways.


None of our work uses floral foam or imported flowers.


Currently, we…

Use flowers and foliage only grown in the UK
the more local, the better

Are reducing the use of single-use plastics
in our own work and in teaching and encouraging others

Chip all of our green waste
yesterdays events become tomorrows growing medium

Are  trying to find a sustainable alternative to plastic tape