Floribunda Rose was launched in April 2014 by Sarah Diligent  ~ who has a passion for flowers, love of all things natural and a leaning towards old world glamour. Lucy Felmingham-Cockburn joined the team in 2016, as she shares Sarah’s ethos, vision and passion for flowers.

We specialise in artisan floral design for weddings and events, that reflect our wonderful clients, choosing the most beautiful British flowers of the season incorporating beautifully scented locally grown flowers and foraged foliages at every possible opportunity.

We have a team of highly trained and experienced floral designers who ensure that every wedding that we create flowers for, no matter how grand or intimate get the very best.

At the Floribunda Rose workshop we also teach floristry workshops so that you can come and learn floral skills yourself. We run courses in wedding floristry, seasonal bouquet making and Christmas wreath making and table flowers design too… as well as providing 1:1 floristry days by prior arrangement.

We care deeply about all that we do and are never satisfied with anything less than perfection.

(For more about our eco/ethical credentials please look at ‘Our Philosophy‘)

Sarah Diligent

I launched Floribunda Rose because once I had found floristry I felt as though I’d found my art, my passion and my creative outlet. For the first time in my life I felt as though I could realise the creations that I would dream up, and they came into being.

It had to be wedding florals because I completely fell down the wedding ‘hole’. I had never been particularly interested in weddings, but after my own I knew that I wanted to be involved in the more.
I feel honoured to be involved in the most beautiful day of your lives. I love the flowers but I also share the sense of excitement for our couples who are making the most amazing commitment to one another. It’s not just the pretty that I love, it’s the heartfelt promise to be there forever at someone’s side, through the best and the worst in life that really gets me.

Lucy Felmingham-Cockburn

I discovered styling and flowers completely by accident whilst studying  Classics, and originally learnt on the job in boutique shops and luxury hotels. I have since become entirely committed to creating sustainable, eco-friendly floral design and celebrating all the seasonal wonders of the countryside. Last year I freelanced for Sarah and it soon became clear that not only do we have the same enthusiasm for beautiful and eco friendly floral design, we also share the same out look on life.  This makes working together really enjoyable, and means that we can bounce ideas off on another and push the boundaries of floral design.

I am also really passionate about the meaning of flowers – the secret messages of Victorian floriography, the use of flowers in different cultures throughout history, and of course what individual flowers mean to couples on their wedding day.